Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Education vs. Creativity = Chicken or the Egg

I am in no way knocking education. It is of the utmost importance in today's competitive world. I have a Bachelors degree and will be embarking on a masters program soon.

But, when talking about revitalizing a community, people always argue what needs to be in place first. One argument is schools should be built and are needed first to educate individuals and then those people will redevelop the community. Another argument is a community needs to attract the creatives first to have new ideas in moving the community forward and education will then follow.

I feel that the creative individuals are more important to lay the groundwork for building new restaurants and new attractions. This will in turn attract visitors and create a draw of people to the city, who once there, finds that it has so many wonderful offerings (from the creatives) that they move there. As more people follow, there is a need to build more schools for educating the community citizens. This will then spark more economic development and the community will be on its way to revitalization.

As we all know, it takes money to do anything. The creative new community attractions (restaurants, shops, retail) will bring increased economic development and supply money for the schools that will be needed to be built.

What do you think? Chicken or the egg - Education or Creativity


Skip Lineberg said...


I think the answer is "Both."

You have to pursue and support both education and creativity to the 110% degree.

An analogy from the fitness world: Which is more important - eating, cardio, weight training or supplementation? The answer is you have to give all four 100% effort and focus; otherwise you will not get a noticable result.

Many things in life are such, not an either or ... not a blending of percentages ... but a full dose of both!

J. Keeling said...

Combined Factors Lead to Development

Development is driven through the combination of education, creativity, and new opportunities. Too often, negative attitudes and assumptions limit our willingness to embrace change. Individuals and communities simply idle along in a paradoxical existence.

However, some leaders and communities are becoming more diligent in moving away from the status quo. Such creative movements aren't necessarily predicated by education, but more so the human desire and courage to progress.

Jill said...

I'm going to jump in here and go with creatives. Seems like every city I live in, the city schools always have a terrible reputation, even though there might be great leadership and maybe even great education occurring there (albeit in pockets). I mean, I think I turned out all right even though I went to Charleston High School!!

But, what really makes us sit up and take notice as a community is something creative - a new restaurant, a new public sculpture, a new arts festival. These things even help generate community because they bring people together in for a common cause/interest/good time! They might even make us look at our cities or communities differently. We realize that we are unique and we have something great to offer.