Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Redding Brothers: Rockin’ W.Va. and the World
Written by Jason Keeling of http://www.abetterwestvirginia.com/ on August 11, 2008

Cultures are heavily influenced by creative people, whose individual values often help shape collective perceptions. Three young men from West Virginia have found rock & roll to be one of the most powerful means of expression, and they are working diligently to inspire others through their music.
The Redding Brothers grew up in a musically inclined family from Hurricane. Their father played guitar and often sang tunes by Johnny Cash and The Beatles. The violin was their grandpa’s instrument of choice. Naturally, the boys developed an appreciation for music, and during their teenage years they began playing together: Micah (now age 26) on guitar, Josiah (age 24) on bass, and youngest brother Gabriel (age 21) jamming on percussion.
“We started as cheesy acoustic” said Micah jokingly, in reference to Rough Draft, a five song EP the band first released during October 2003.
‘The Progression of Song-Writing’
“Through the progression of song-writing, we became more philosophical,” further commented Micah. “Rather than songs of dependency, we’re trying to describe the ability to pick yourselves up.” There’s more focus on “contributing, rather than being a victim,” stated Josiah.
Guitar in hand, Micah leads an impromptu rendition of “Throwing Stones,” a track on their first official album, Wisdom from the Green Shag Carpet. In unison, the lyrics “I won’t be trapped, I will be free” echo across the stage, impressing the interviewers with harmony and words of liberation.
“Most modern popular music has little meaning, other than ’shake your booty,’ “added Gabriel, who agreed their musical talents and focus have evolved since forming the band. A recent career highlight included a 25-day trip to the Middle East earlier this year, in which the group performed for U.S. troops.
Tour Schedule
The Redding Brothers are now headquartered from Nashville, Tenn., but they maintain a touring schedule that brings them home to West Virginia several times: Aug. 21 (Glenville State College), Sept. 20 (City of St. Albans), Oct. 9 (Concord University) and Nov. 2 (Roanoke, W.Va. Student Activities Programming Conf.)
You can sample the band’s music here and a photo stream of this interview is available courtesy of Sarah Cooper.

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