Monday, September 15, 2008

World's Strongest Man Crowned

If anyone was able to go to Appalachian Power Park on Sunday evening to watch the finals of the world's strongest man competition - you were not dissapointed! The crowd of over 4,000 was electric. The competitors fed off of that energy and put on an amazing show right up until the last second.

Mariusz Pudzianowski of Poland took home a historic fifth World's Strongest Man title. He bested American Derek Poundstone in the final heat in none other than the Atlas Stones event. All ten finalists successfully lifted the five Atlas Stones in five dual heats.

Pudzianowski, looked up after lifting the last stone, to see Poundstone still struggling to get his stone onto the tower. The Pole then fell to his knees in front of the competition stage after winning the title. Poundstone, a police officer from Connecticut, took second place overall.

What an awesome two week event for WV, for Charleston, for the fans, and the international competitors who were overheard many times praising Charleston's hospitality and supportiveness.

Be sure to tune in to ESPN in late December to catch the broadcast of the 2008 Met-RX World's Strongest Man Competition.

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